Jack Sanders

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Jack Sanders Jack Sanders
Jack Sanders @ BlacksOnBoys.com
We were having a little discussion about the adult industry here at the BonBoys office, and it didn’t heated…it got hot! Tim and BonBoys extraordinaire Solomon were discussing the patterns in the industry. And you know, when you get a stud like Jack together with our BonBoys, any discussion about sex is going to get out of hand…and into mouth! Jack put is mouth where his, um…mouth was. Just watch as he gives Solomon and Tim a few tongue lashes that all of us would just love to get. And the big thick black dicks aren’t going to be happy with just that. Jack was a more than willing recipient of a BonBoys initiation that only super cockstars Tim and Solomon could give. Just wait for the cumshot at the end. This is one scene where the means make the end worth the wait!

Jack Sanders Jack Sanders

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Ben Damon

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Ben Damon Ben Damon
Ben Damon @ BlacksOnBoys.com
The director at Blacks on Boys decided this week to let you get to know what kind of men we have at the site. Ben is a part timer in the industry, and we bring you an intimate little glimpse of his personal life…before bringing on our two BonBoys girth monsters. Roommates Chris and Tim have a blast with little Ben before giving him a couple blasts of their own. This is definitely worth the nickel with the blowjobs, the hard anal pounding, and the intimate glimpse of Ben’s gaping asshole. So sit back, buckle up, and ENJOY!!!!!

Ben Damon Ben Damon

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Danny Lopez

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Danny Lopez Danny Lopez
Danny Lopez @ BlacksOnBoys.com
Crazy Chris Dano is at it again. He’s really a kooky guy, and we mean that in a good way. Lately he’s into this TV talk show host scenario, and when it includes giant black dick and a hot latino named Danny Lopez, who are we to argue? Even with his slipshot backstage crew in the opening, this week’s update is pure BlacksOnBoys. After tasting some black meat, Chris comes to the plate, and Danny, being a good bottom, takes Dano’s 10 inch package in his mouth without missing a beat. Then it’s to the couch, where the BlacksOnBoys crew take turns reaming Danny’s tight ass with their oversized dicks. The scene wouldn’t be complete without turning Danny’s face into a sperm target, and both make direct hits. You know the old saying applies here, too…practice makes perfect! Enjoy!

Danny Lopez Danny Lopez

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Tripp Tripp
Tripp @ BlacksOnBoys.com
Blacks On Boys features an installment of the hit show ‘A Room With A View’ hosted by BonBoy’s Chris Dano. His guests this week are the extremely larger than life Solomon and total newcummer Tripp. Tripp cums to us from south of border. We all know Solomon. This perfect mix of chocolate and cinnamon is the flavor of the week. The action here is so hot Chris can’t contain himself; he joins in for some hot double blowjob action and some supernova anal action that sends the three of them on a Tripp they’ll never forget! Neither will you. I don’t know about you, but if you’ve ever had a cock that big you’d need a vacation from your vacation after it’s all said and done! The triple cumshot to finish this scene is typical BlacksOnBoys. Hope this makes your week!

Tripp Tripp

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Chilli Chilli
Chilli @ BlacksOnBoys.com
What an update! Chris and Solomon celebrate their anniversary the way only true BonBoys can… with a hot little firecracker named Chilli. And boy, is Chilli one hot Latino! After a little surprise gift from Solomon, Chris decides to see where this could go. (I mean, since Solomon had already tested the goods). Chris starts off just watching, but it isn’t long before he can’t take it anymore; we get the *real* action started with a double blowjob, and that leads into some hot anal action and our infamous BonBoys.com loads at the end!!! Go ahead and watch this scene, but don’t touch your eyes afterwards…they might burn since Chilli is *so* spicy (I’m such a corn-ball sometimes :)

Chilli Chilli

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Marco Marco
Marco @ BlacksOnBoys.com
Today Chris gives Marcos and Solomon a job interview they’ll never forget. First Marcos shows Chris how well he can handle Solomon’s tool, then Chris checks out Marcos’ skill for himself. Then to demonstrate their teamwork skills, Chris and Solomon take turns with Marco’s tight ass. That’s what I call fucking teamwork! Solomon and Chris really show Marcos the true meaning of a hard day’s night in this scene. So, boys, dim the lights, pull down your pants, get the vaseline, and enjoy this week’s update. I think it’s safe to say this one is "muy calliente"!

Marco Marco

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Casper Casper
Casper @ BlacksOnBoys.com
Look at Casper. Look at his cute face. His cute baby blues. His cute rump in those tight black silkies. Look at his cock. Isn’t it beautiful? He’s thick, and he’s got length…but not like our boys Chris and Solomon. Watch Casper drop to his knees to service our two men. Watch naughty Chris Dano push Casper’s head down on Solomon’s thick black member. Watch Casper gag on it. Then watch as he handles it just fine. Oh, Casper’s white rump makes me want to sing. And when Casper takes Solomon all the way to the hilt, Casper’s cock grows to its full size. What a mess poor Casper turns into. By the end of this scene his tummy and chest resemble a glazed doughnut: a doughnut so yummy you’d be tempted to eat – even if you’re full.

Casper Casper

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Eric York

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Eric York Eric York
Eric York @ BlacksOnBoys.com
Eric York is a bit like me and you, I suppose. From time to time he likes to jack his dick to what I call "boy zines". They’re the kind you get at your favorite adult bookstore. Anyway, while Eric’s filling his yummy cock full of blood our man Solomon stops by, and the next thing you know they’re both on the sofa, checking out Eric’s reading material. At this point, it’s nothing more than a natural progression from touching and feeling to sucking and stroking. Afterwards, Eric told us off camera he’s never felt anything as deep as Solomon’s giant black member, and we just smiled and said "that’s one of the reasons we use him so much!" The thing we love about this scene is right after Eric jacks to pop all over his hard stomach, Solomon adds to the gene pool that’s now formed…and a deep-white, sticky pool it is. One we’d both like to swim in, I’m sure…Enjoy!

Eric York Eric York

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Julian Julian
Julian @ BlacksOnBoys.com
Julian might not be the best looking guy around, but he worships black cock, as this scene shows. He starts out with a little nipple suckling on our man Solomon when when of Solomon’s hard-hittin’ homies walks on to set. That’s when the fireworks kick off. Julian’s never really handled all this meat before, but he takes it on like a real pro…20 inches (or so) worth. Watch, in quiet disbelief, as our two mighty Black Men invade every one of Julian’s holes. He grimaces through some of it…but who wouldn’t? I mean, I’ve had taken my share of large dick, but nothing like this – and not one mighty cock, but two! And the climax? Two giant wads of man milk coat Julian’s face. It’s a superb ending to another superb week here at Blacks On Boys! Enjoy!!

Julian Julian

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Sean Sean
Sean @ BlacksOnBoys.com
Chris Dano. What a crazy cat. He’s been nervous about his partner. Turns out Chris feels his dude, Sean, is a cheat. You know what I’m talking about here…I’m sure you’ve found yourself hiding out in your car, or in a club, out the lookout for your partner’s bad behavior. Look at Chris…hiding behind that tree. BAM! He catches Sean with a tall dark beefcake name Hole Hunter. Hole is packing close to 10 inches! Something about size that drives Chris AND Sean crazy…crazy enough to result in a *hate fucking* BlacksOnBoys style. After taking turns invading Sean’s pie-hole…and then his colon…Chris dick whips Sean across the face and storms off – one load lighter. I dunno…but I’d almost be willing to get cuaght cheating if my man did the same thing to me…LOL. Enjoy fellahs.

Sean Sean

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